Monday, 26 July 2021

rainbows end trip with the family

 On Saturday night me and my family went to the night ride at rainbow ends.we went there because school was  gonna start on Monday but my favourite ride was the log even though i was the one that was screaming while the log goes down.

it was so fun going on the rides and the lights were so cool we even took lots of photos of us on the rides and i even loved the bumper  cars it was so cool hitting the other cars.but one of the rides that i didn't like was the roller coaster  because it was going to fast and i was gonna throw up.  

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  1. Hi Cherish!

    It's me Finau. Wow! That must have been an amazing trip to Rainbows End. I have never gone to the night rides, only the day time rides. My favourite ride was Fear Fall. I haven't gone on the log one or the bumper cars but I hope I can. Keep up the amazing work Cherish!

    From Finau:)