Friday, 11 June 2021

Letter to support staff


Dear Support Staff,

I just want to say thank you people for looking after us when we need help in team 5 and when we are playing.I ready hope that you people have fun today we are so thankful to have yous people in pt England school.we will always count you people in our family even though some of yous have to go back to guys light up our day like being kind,funny,helpful,nice, and awesome.   

Friday, 28 May 2021

Writing about madagascar


4-5 sentences

Madagascar is a country in the continent of East Africa. In Madagascar it is actually the poorest country in the world. Madagascar is the safest country in the world to live in.Marco polo was the one that named the name of madagascar. Madagascar is the 4th largest country in the madagascar mens and womens wore the same clothes.


The food that the people in madagascar eat is mostly rice or fish with a slide of vegetables.  If people walk past other people’s houses then they will feed the people that are walking past.  They will even eat cold potatoes they will eat on the floor instead of their table. They do have tables but they don't eat on it.Romazava is what they eat which is meat stew with leafy greens.

lifestyle /people

The capital of Madagascar is Antananarivo and the traditional bracelet is called vonguvongu. The traditional guitar in madagascar is called valila. The handshake in Madagascar is probably different from everyone else's. You have to put out your right hand and put the left one on the right hand and bend down gently.


The animal in madagascar which is lemur has a really long middle finger to dig. in madagascar it is called aye aye the weight of it is 4 pounds in the wild.there teeth are like a rat and there ears are like a bat.Tenrecs Tenrecs, which look similar to moles shrews and hedgehogs were probably the first mammals to arrive on the island of Madagascar. When scared they curl up in a ball and extend spiky hairs to protect themselves from predators.