Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Melinda Szymanik

Yesterday morning Melinde Szymanik came because she is an author of children's books and she wanted to share her love of books with us. First she went to room 25 and .she read to Miss Gastons and Miss Pecks class. Next she came back to room 24 .After that she read us a story the were nana . It was about the little boy was telling his sister that Their nana was a Were nana the brother toud the little girl that the nana had claws and whiskers. Next she read a story it was the book with no pictures and we all laugh because she said boo boo but. I enjoyed the visit because the stories were fun.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Making jelly

Yesterday in the morning room24 started making jelly. First Taoro poured the crystals jelly in the bowl . Nest Miss Szymanik poured the hot water in the bowl. Kyzyl mixed the jelly crystals. MissSzymanik poured the water because room 24 mate get burnt. After that Miss Szymanik took the jelly to the fridge to set. The jelly tasted yummy and delicious I felt happy because it was yummy. 

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Point England Picnic

First we went to the hall MrBurt told us the rules . We lined up and we went to the Point England beach .Then we played with clay and we can played with the sand. We got to swim at the Point England beach .Lastly  we had ounch and we packed up and went back to Point England School. I felt happy because it was fun.