Thursday, 16 March 2017

Making jelly

Yesterday in the morning room24 started making jelly. First Taoro poured the crystals jelly in the bowl . Nest Miss Szymanik poured the hot water in the bowl. Kyzyl mixed the jelly crystals. MissSzymanik poured the water because room 24 mate get burnt. After that Miss Szymanik took the jelly to the fridge to set. The jelly tasted yummy and delicious I felt happy because it was yummy. 


  1. Hi cherish l like your Writing from jayla

  2. Hi Cherish love the photo of you outing a letter to a boy or a girl jest tell meet on my site OK good enjoy redding what I jest did OK good. From Sesilia.✋💜💟💛💚💙👍

  3. Sorry I ment to set giving sorry cherish I did that is it OK good.👆👆💞💞